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FREE UPGRADE Feb 10, 2013

For those of you that are not already a member of our other sit, CatsRulePTC, we are offering for a limited time a FREE UPGRADE for all new ACTIVE members of CatsRulePTC since 2/10/13. If you are not already a member there you can sign up with this link, After you sign up, AFTER YOU ARE ACTIVE FOR 3 DAYS send a support ticket from catsruleptc ONLY. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL ASKING FOR AN UPGRADE or you will not get it. Only request the free upgrade from the support link on CatsRulePTC. Only send your request for the upgrade after you are active for at least 3 days. Any request before 3 days will not be honored and will be deleted. All we ask is that you be an active member on CatsRulePTC by coming to the site and clicking ALL the PTC, PTRA, and Click Exchange ads, you will then receive your free upgrade after 3 days.. For those already a member of CatsRulePTC, if you are an ACTIVE member clicking the PTC, PTRA and Click Exchange ads, we will give you FREE advertising credits after we confirm your activity on the site, after 3 days. Any request before 3 days will not be honored and will be deleted. Anyone just signing up for the free offer and not planning to be active, don't bother, you're not helping anyone. Help one another, join, click, add your advertising, it benefits everyone. Remember being active means clicking ALL the PTC, PTRA, and Click Exchange ads daily/

Cheat Checks - IMPORTANT NEWS Jan 29, 2013

This is a very important and all members should read and understand. As per the site terms, all members that sign up for this site are expected to understand ENGLISH. The cheat check has always been used to see who understands English and who doesn't. The cheat check questions are not tricky and should not be a problem if you really do understand English so If you do, this should not be a problem for you. Some people thought it was funny to have about 100 or so wrong answers, well they are gone because of course they could not understand English. This is to notify all members that WRONG ANSWERS ON THE CHEAT CHECK QUESTIONS WILL DEDUCT .02 FOR EACH WRONG ANSWER FROM YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE. So in other words take your time be careful answering the questions and you will not have to worry about getting any wrong answers. More Information can be found in the site terms.

No longer accepting sign ups from China Jul 28, 2012

We are no longer accepting any sign ups from China.

Verified PAYPAL ONLY Dec 08, 2010

We only accept VERIFIED PAYPAL for purchases and cash outs.

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